Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Like Flies on Shhhhh....

I made my way to Costco this afternoon to get some quick shopping done without the grotesque weekend crowds. As I weaved my way through the aisles, I came across one of those sample stations. I didn't exactly know it was a sample station at first, it just looked like a crowd of people surrounding a poor old lady.

As I attempted to pass, I witnessed a scene that literally made me laugh out loud. The poor woman who was dishing out samples of Ghiradelli brownies was no match for the crowd before her. As she furiously dished out the chocolatey goo, people were snatching it off of her tray. If she paused to wipe off her utensil, the crowd stood there, mouths watering, staring her down like I would imagine a lioness does an injured antelope. It was sad. I laughed as I steered my cart around these heathens, who appeared to have never had a brownie and/or a free sample in all of their heathen lives.