Saturday, May 30, 2009

Housewife Hottie Alert!

Full Name: Hugh Michael Jackman
DOB: October 12, 1968
Why is he a Housewife Hottie?: He is a superstar, has a fabulous accent, great actor, good father, and seems to appear to be an all-around good guy.

Hugh Jackman has starred in some great movies like, Wolverine and The Prestige. But let's be honest...his body of work is second to his actual body! He is deliciously gorgeous and his accent only adds to his overall deliciousness!

Enjoy, Ladies!

-N & M

Why We List Endlessly

By definition I'm a list person. I actually got the idea for this post off of an actual list of post ideas. demented is that?? Anything I can list, I do. Every single day, I have a to-do list of some sort. Whether it be personal or work-related. Sometimes, I have to get out of bed to add something to one of my many lists. It's insane! Seriously...I already made a Michelle Obama list a post! lol

The reason I list, besides the obvious need to remember to do something, is that I honestly get a visceral satisfaction of crossing my accomplishments off of my lists. Some people like to timidly put a tiny check mark next to their accomplishment, but not me! I like a thick line or two through my list item. Analogically speaking, I get the relief I imagine cutters do (I didn't say it was a good analogy!!). I actually feel physical relief. When a list is actually finished, I want to frame it up and say to the world, "I DID IT!!!"

I know M is also a huge fan of lists as well, but I wonder if this a woman thing, a housewife thing, or what? I find it interesting that some people share my eccentricities, so do share!


** I liked the picture above, because I would love to start listing with a beer in my hand. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seriously? I Laugh on So Many Levels...

Maybe she can be part of our "Characters in Real Life" series!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Like Flies on Shhhhh....

I made my way to Costco this afternoon to get some quick shopping done without the grotesque weekend crowds. As I weaved my way through the aisles, I came across one of those sample stations. I didn't exactly know it was a sample station at first, it just looked like a crowd of people surrounding a poor old lady.

As I attempted to pass, I witnessed a scene that literally made me laugh out loud. The poor woman who was dishing out samples of Ghiradelli brownies was no match for the crowd before her. As she furiously dished out the chocolatey goo, people were snatching it off of her tray. If she paused to wipe off her utensil, the crowd stood there, mouths watering, staring her down like I would imagine a lioness does an injured antelope. It was sad. I laughed as I steered my cart around these heathens, who appeared to have never had a brownie and/or a free sample in all of their heathen lives.


What Would You Think?

I received the following text message from my single (oh yes, she's bitter about it) friend, Slim: "Husband and wife arrive in heaven. Wife says, "Here we are together again." Husband say, "Fuck that shit! Deal was till death do us part. Bitch, I'm single!"

As a mostly-happily married woman, my first reaction was, "What the hell does that mean??" Was it simply a stupid forwarded joke? Or was she trying to make some type of comment on my marriage?

After about ten minutes of reflection, I responded with this: "You must have meant that for some other girl's horrible husband. I will disregard."

I thought that I sent the proper amount of bitch-tone to get my point across that I didn't appreciate the "joke" and I didn't think it applied to my life.

Slim's response: "Hahaha..not horrible husband! It was cute! You and I both know that Mr. N is the shit..."

If this was me forwarding a joke on to someone I didn't think it applied to, I would have put a little note in front of it, like, "Just thought this was cute, and wanted to pass it on." Obviously, she thought of me when she read this, so I am slightly offended.

So my question remains...would you be offended in this situation? Or am I just overreacting?


Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day! Enjoy your day off, the BBQs, the beers, and anything else your day has in store for you.

As you relax and spend time with family and friends, don't forget to give a little time to reflecting on what Memorial Day represents for those who have lost their lives for the United States of America.

Personally, I will be thinking about my generation's men and women dying in Iraq and Afghanistan in an illegal war. I hope that President Obama can bring them home soon!


3 Bad Reasons to Buy a Home

I just read this article on 3 bad reasons to buy a home. These reasons are what soooooo many people use all the time. As a renter in a large and expensive city, these reasons have always bothered me.

  1. It's a good investment
  2. I'm tired of throwing my money away on rent
  3. I need the tax deduction
If you or someone you know use any of these reasons for purchasing a home, I suggest you check out this article. It made a lot of sense to me, and I thought I'd share.