Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Would You Think?

I received the following text message from my single (oh yes, she's bitter about it) friend, Slim: "Husband and wife arrive in heaven. Wife says, "Here we are together again." Husband say, "Fuck that shit! Deal was till death do us part. Bitch, I'm single!"

As a mostly-happily married woman, my first reaction was, "What the hell does that mean??" Was it simply a stupid forwarded joke? Or was she trying to make some type of comment on my marriage?

After about ten minutes of reflection, I responded with this: "You must have meant that for some other girl's horrible husband. I will disregard."

I thought that I sent the proper amount of bitch-tone to get my point across that I didn't appreciate the "joke" and I didn't think it applied to my life.

Slim's response: "Hahaha..not horrible husband! It was cute! You and I both know that Mr. N is the shit..."

If this was me forwarding a joke on to someone I didn't think it applied to, I would have put a little note in front of it, like, "Just thought this was cute, and wanted to pass it on." Obviously, she thought of me when she read this, so I am slightly offended.

So my question remains...would you be offended in this situation? Or am I just overreacting?