Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why We List Endlessly

By definition I'm a list person. I actually got the idea for this post off of an actual list of post ideas. demented is that?? Anything I can list, I do. Every single day, I have a to-do list of some sort. Whether it be personal or work-related. Sometimes, I have to get out of bed to add something to one of my many lists. It's insane! Seriously...I already made a Michelle Obama list a post! lol

The reason I list, besides the obvious need to remember to do something, is that I honestly get a visceral satisfaction of crossing my accomplishments off of my lists. Some people like to timidly put a tiny check mark next to their accomplishment, but not me! I like a thick line or two through my list item. Analogically speaking, I get the relief I imagine cutters do (I didn't say it was a good analogy!!). I actually feel physical relief. When a list is actually finished, I want to frame it up and say to the world, "I DID IT!!!"

I know M is also a huge fan of lists as well, but I wonder if this a woman thing, a housewife thing, or what? I find it interesting that some people share my eccentricities, so do share!


** I liked the picture above, because I would love to start listing with a beer in my hand. :)