Friday, May 22, 2009

Hubby a Picky Dresser?

My hubby isn't very picky about most things. He'll eat whatever. He'll sleep wherever. When it comes to major decisions, I usually get a shrug and a "I don't care." But his clothes? Oh no. That's a whole different story. Here are only a small number of his demands:

1. No dark wash jeans. (I know. I know. )
2. Jeans also must be CARPENTER jeans. No other cut is acceptable.
3. No bright colors.
4. Absolutely no logos or graphics!

...the list goes on, but those are the basics. Obviously, hubby can usually be found in non-dark wash jeans with a neutral colored shirt. Boring! In the past I've made the mistake of dragging him from store to store and forcing him to pick out something, ANYTHING, because I dare not buy him clothing without his approval. This usually ends with me pissed off and him frustrated, especially if we are shopping for a special occasion.

So last week I was moseying around in Old Navy, and I saw that Men's tshirts were 2 for $15. I have some kind of chemical imbalance that does not allow me to walk away from sales empty handed, so I bought two. With no hubby approval. The horror!

I told him I bought him two new shirts, hung them up, and decided to wait it out. I was NOT going to nag him about wearing the shirts I just bought him. And lo and behold, guess what hubby wore yesterday? One of the shirts.

So here is my advice to the housewives with a similar problem: Just buy the shit for them!! You know he isn't gonna go buy clothes for himself, and what is he going to do, go naked? You will be pleasantly surprised, trust me.